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CICP documentation downloads:

CICP v1 Spec

To make a CICP starter object in Second Life:

- create a small prim, name it "cicp", and add the script below to its inventory
- take the prim into your inventory
- create another prim, and add the script below to it as well
- copy the first prim you made from your inventory into the second prim's inventory
- click the second prim, and off you go

CICP source code for SL

If you want to host your own Second Life CICP Proxy Servlet, use the Java source code in the following files:


While the above version of CICP still works just fine, there is a new version which pre-rezzes prims which can be configured into graphs much more rapidly. There are two objects you will need to take copies of (right-click and choose "Take Copy"): a purple sphere and a green sphere which are sitting on a black plinthe by the front door.

The purple sphere is the CICP Rezzer. Place it anywhere in a region in which you want to use CICP (one rezzer per region!!!); edit the "assist" script inside it to set the number of prims to rez [change the PRIM_COUNT variable] (I defaulted this one to 1000). Click the sphere (touch it) and it will talk to you as it rezzes prims. Once it is completely finished (it will tell you when it is finished), you can begin using CICP.

To create a graph once the rezzer is done, pull the green sphere (CICP Start object) out of your inventory and touch it. It will die off and a green cube will appear in its place. Click the green cube; then click it again; a menu will appear.

To reset all of the prims you rezzed, which will dissolve all graphs you have created in the region but keep the prims rezzed for reuse, shout "totem_allreset". You can then make new graphs. To kill off all the CICP prims, shout "totem_alldie". The script in the purple sphere must then be reset, and the sphere touched, in order to rez a new batch.


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