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Glasshouse Demo

Welcome to Green Phosphor's public demo environment. We maintain this instance of Sun's "Wonderland" virtual world software so that you can interact with objects generated by our Glasshouse product. Glasshouse is a gateway which places interactive representations of data into virtual worlds.

Enter the Glasshouse public demo environment

Video capture tool for taking videos of the environment


  1. Install the Sun Java JRE6 or JDK6; You can get it here
  2. Clicking the "enter" link above will launch the Wonderland client
  3. Once you get a login prompt, pick any username; no password required

Inside Wonderland

To see some examples, use the "CICP" menu, "Start" option; this will generate a green cube. Click it and a title will come up; click the title for a menu. The best option to start with is "oil_net", which will place a 3d histogram into the world, representing net oil production by country and year (from BP's World Oil Stats). Red means a net consumption, and blue a net production. Mousing over any piece of a graph in the world will show the title for it.

Wonderland commands:

  • Press "u" one time to turn off gravity, use pgup pgdn to fly
  • Press "=" a few times to increase your speed
  • Right click and move the mouse to look around the environment. (This is important for looking down at the graphs.)
  • Select "First-person Camera" from the "View" menu for a better perspective
  • Clicking on graph nodes brings up menus
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